5 Ways to Declutter Your Garage

For most of us the garage is treated as a storage space for both big and small items. No one likes going in there to find something, so we’re going to help you change that!


           A lot of vertical space goes to waste. The whole point of this is to maximize the wall space in your garage. Typically garages have high walls, so why not make use of that space? Using a track system with hooks and baskets, you can store smaller items such as tennis balls, or larger items such as bicycles and even lawn chairs.



           Some items are not meant to be stuffed in drawer. Using wall hooks or a rod stuck between the cabinet and the wall, hang spades, shears, and other gardening tools along the space. It provides easy access to the tools when you need them and allows them to dry off after washing. Additional boxes can be stored underneath the rail to maximize space.




Putting up shelves in your garage is another way of maximizing vertical space. When horizontal storage is lacking, think upwards. The best place to install them are common empty walls such as above your recycling and garbage cans. Keep a stepladder nearby so that nothing is out of reach. You can also store bulk household items, such as paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap etc.



Remember those big boxes in your garage? Do you actually know what’s in them? Don’t waste time by rummaging through them looking for that picture frame your aunt gave you, and label each box. Use specific labels, if the box surface has blank spaces then use that to list the items in them. If you want to take it a step further you can print out a list and tape it onto the box. Ideal for holiday decorations or other seasonal objects. You can also use clip on labels for shelves, putting them into laminate shelves to ensure durability.



That’s right, a caddy. Using a shower caddy or some kind of basket, you can put your core items into that. Whether it be for cleaning your car, your cleaning supplies or your gardening tools. You could have one (or three), one for each occasion! This makes it quick and easy to grab what you need instead of searching through everything else.


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