7 Tips on Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

The holidays are quickly approaching, and as such, so are all of your holiday guests! While this time of year can be fun and wonderful, it can also be tedious trying to make everyone happy.
Here are some tips for de-stressing your guest experience- and all of them can be prepared in advance!


Sparkling Surfaces and Stocked Stations

The bathrooms are your number one priority! They need to be spic and span, and stocked with everything anyone might need. Have some extra toothbrushes on hand, because someone will forget theirs!

Think of everything you use in the bathroom every day, and have those things out in the open. A jar of Q-tips, lots of toilet paper, and maybe some tiny cups for mouthwash! Your guests will feel nice and pampered, plus less stressed about bothering your for everything they are lacking.


Pampered Patrons

Speaking of pampering your guests, why not make them feel luxurious? Have some extra robes handy, big colourful, fluffy towels, and perhaps even a cute pair of slippers on hand. If your guest has children, maybe consider adding some stuffed toys to the child’s area, and some books for the adult!

Storage spots

Do you have enough storage if your guests want to stay more than a few days? If they are coming from afar, do they have room to store their luggage somewhere? Do you have enough room for all your guests to hang their coats somewhere? You can always buy some stick on hangers as a temporary storage solution.

Sweet Sanctuary
Set up a coffee and treat station somewhere in your kitchen or dining room. Consider getting a larger urn of coffee so that guests can grab some throughout the morning without having to pester you. Set out some cream, milk, sugar, and spoons in an easily accessible area, and maybe add a plate of cookies or muffins as a delicious morning pick-me-up.


Don’t Neglect the Nighttime

You might get around fine in your home when it’s pitch black at night, but your guests won’t! Grab some cheap night lights from the dollar or home improvement store, and place them in your hallways. The last thing you need is someone tripping and falling down the stairs trying to get to the bathroom!

Cozy Comforts

Small things like bringing in extra blankets to each room really add to the comfort level of your home. Crisp, freshly laundered linens are a must. And if you can, grab some pretty flowers to decorate guest rooms.


Enough of Everything

Make sure you have extra of everything. Extra cutlery and dinnerware – it doesn’t have to be fancy, but matching is a plus! No one wants to be stuck with the plastic plate you got for free at a fast food place 10 years ago!


Some preparation and planning can go a long way to de-stress your holiday experience. What are your favourite ways to prepare for guests? Let us know in the comments below.


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