Back To School Tips

In a blink of an eye summer has come and gone. Was it even a proper summer to begin with? These last few days have been chilly, with the prior weeks subject to cloudy and rainy days.


Leaving that aside, let’s get down to business: It’s back to school time!


For most parents it’s a time of relief, sending your children back to order and routine. After weeks of sleeping in and staying up late, they could use a few tips to get back into the grind.




Create a drawer filled with healthy treats. Dried fruits and nuts can be stored in clear containers so rummaging is not needed. This way everyone (including adults) can help themselves to snacks. Using drawer organizers, the space can be kept neat and functional.


In addition to this you can create a sandwich supply in your refrigerator, with all the necessary ingredients to whip up a sandwich.

Whip up the kids' sammies in a flash by storing deli meats, cheeses and spreads in a special fridge spot. Add pre-portioned fruits and veggies (divvied up on the weekend or the night before) for a faster grab-and-go station. See more on IHeart Organizing » Storage baskets, $22 for six BUY NOW


Create a "home file," either a file box or a cabinet drawer, with a slot for each subject; color-code the tabs to match up with each class. Not only does this system give kids a place to unload past assignments, but it also helps them organize reference materials (e.g., a periodic table of elements) as the semester changes.  What you'll need: file box ($36, amazon.com), hanging folders ($9, amazon.com)

Using a file box or a cabinet drawer, organize your child’s school assignments and documents. Using coloured tabs to match each class, it can help out with a lot of the homework stress.



You know the feeling — it's 9 p.m. and you're out of posterboard for your daughter's project that's due at 8 a.m. Prevent late-night freak-outs with a supply stash: markers, index cards and so on. Save cash by buying products in bulk. What you'll need: posterboard ($14, amazon.com), glue sticks ($8, amazon.com)

Just like in school keep a cupboard dedicated to storing extra supplies. You never know when you will need poster board at 9PM the night before an assignment is due.



Help little ones establish a morning and bedtime schedule with an illustrated checklist. See more on IHeart Organizing » Removable tape, $5 BUY NOW

This is ideal for younger kids, who need some help getting back into structure after a routine-free summer. Post it in a place where both you and your child are most likely to see it.




Create your own to-do list — with car keys and permission slips at the ready — to keep your morning just as hassle-free. See more at Mom on Timeout » What you'll need: hanging wall file ($45, amazon.com), dry erase board ($8, amazon.com), command hooks ($3, amazon.com)

Create your own area organized with your own essentials. A whiteboard for your shopping lists and a calendar with events coming up. Folders for each child and their important school documents, along with your household items as well.


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