How many houses should buyers see before buying?

It’s like asking someone how many wedding dresses they will have to try on before finding the right one. Or asking someone how many ice cream flavors they will have to taste, before finding their absolute favorite. Same goes with buying houses. There’s no way of knowing how many homes we will need to look at, because everyone’s different. I’ve worked with clients who only had to see 2 houses before finding the right one, and I’ve worked with clients who need to see over 100.


I get asked this question a lot. “How many homes should I see before buying,” or “what is the appropriate number of houses to see before buying”. To put it simply, there is no right answer to both of these questions, because there’s no way of knowing beforehand how many homes it will take to see, before finding the right one.

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Fall Home Maintenance

There are a few things homeowners should do around the house, before the long and cold winter sets in.

Checking the foundation for cracks:

Homeowners should inspect the exterior of the house in the fall, “checking the foundation for cracks and caulk in areas where pipes and wires enter the house, and where heat could escape from doors and windows”. It’s best to check for this before winter comes, because if water gets inside these cracks it freezer, and damages the structure further. To prevent this potentially costly damage, homeowners should inspect these areas beforehand, and should “caulk and seal any openings”.

Checking for air drafts from the inside:

In addition to checking for cracks in the foundation from the outside, it is also important to check for “air leaks from windows and doors” on the inside. This can be done easily by simply moving your hand over an enclosed window, and can be fixed easily by simply “applying weather stripping to affected areas”. According to Katie Cody, a “spokeswoman for Lowe’s,” having proper insulation “can save you up to 20% on heating and cooling costs,” which means it is worth checking for air drafts, because it can save you a lot of money.

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This year I have decided to donate to the Children’s Aid Foundation on behalf of my clients. The Children’s Aid Foundation is an organization that “funds programs that give Canada’s most neglected and vulnerable kids the support they need to reinvent their lives”. The Children’s Aid Foundation supports the Child Welfare Institute which provides “quality training and consolation” to children, youth and families who have experienced, or are at risk of experiencing abuse and neglect”.




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According to “Region of Peel: working for you”, water bills issued from April 1st, 2015 have increased for the Peel region. There was a water rate increase of 7.4 per cent and wastewater increase of 6.7 per cent, which means that the average household will see an annual increase of around $39.

In spite of this increase however, the Peel region “continues to have the lowest combined water and wastewater rates in the GTA,” and since our regions’ water and wastewater operations are debt free, it means we are actually paying for services and not for an “interest on debt”.


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Should you move to Mississauga?


When families consider moving, they often want to know what kinds of schools are in the area they would move to, and if these schools would be any good. Knowing this is important as it determines the quality of education their children would receive, thus effecting the kids’ future job prospects. Mississauga has many great elementary and secondary schools that pride in academic excellence, and which are in general very highly rated.


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