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How can buyers take control in a sellers market

As many of you already know, the real estate market has been completely bonkers in the last few months.  Almost all listings have bully/ multiple offers, and most  are being sold way over what a few weeks ago was considered to be a “normal price”. While this market is amazing for sellers and listing agents,… Read more »

Things to do in My Blog

Winter has finally come to an end, which means we can finally start to plan  all the things we want to do this spring and summer.  I would just like share some of the activities I thought of partaking in, within the next few months. 1. CINCO DE MAYO  If this sounds like a fun… Read more »


 A pre-inspection is not a “report of minor deficiencies, a pass or fail report, a predictor of future events, or a to-do list for the vendor”.


A few weeks ago I held a first time home buyer’s seminar.  A lawyer, a mortgage advisor, an inspector and I talked about some of the important things first time home buyers should have knowledge of prior to purchasing, and I just thought I would share some of that information with you. ADVANTAGES OF BUYING… Read more »



Fall Home Maintenance

There are a few things homeowners should do around the house, before the long and cold winter sets in. Checking the foundation for cracks: Homeowners should inspect the exterior of the house in the fall, “checking the foundation for cracks and caulk in areas where pipes and wires enter the house, and where heat could… Read more »

Should you move to Mississauga?

10 Reasons why you should hire a buyer agent

Hiring a buyer agent is like having a tour guide at a museum. You are guaranteed to get a lot more out of the experience with a tour guide then without one, because they enhance the experience and make it more valuable. Buyer agents’ make the buying experience more valuable, because they provide “guidance and… Read more »

The importance of setting the right listing price

What to be aware of in older homes?