Fall Home Decor

Color Contrast

Using a minimum of two contrasting colours you can create a big impact with your fall display. Use a blue colored vase that complements the color of the leaves you use. This makes the leaves stand out and adds more interest to the room. You can even use colors like purple or green to complement red, orange, and yellow leaves.


Branching Out

Create an arrangement of any size with just a few branches! Arrange the branches in a vase and you’re done! You can also add in any kind of ornament to for extra details. To hang the ornaments, use ribbon or hot glue to keep everything intact.

Autumnal Art

Here’s a fun project to involve your kids in! Press and dry leaves by placing them between sheets of paper inside a heavy book for several days.

Stretch linen over a canvas and staple onto the picture frame. Pin pressed leaves onto the canvas in rows for any pattern you’d like.

Another option is to display leaves inside a picture frame. You can also use two pieces of same-sized glass and secure with book cloth tape. Secure the pieces of glass together by wrapping the edges with colored, linen book cloth tape. For an added touch place a berry-covered branch for a simple, yet elegant mantel display.

Sleep Seasonal

If you have neutral bed sheets in need of a seasonal lift, switch them out for fall coloured pieces. Bold red or orange sheets and pillowcases pop against any coloured bed frame and bedspread. Choosing linens in shades of red will come in handy even after fall since the color can stick around into the holiday season.


Display New and Old Photographs

The holiday season is when family and friends gather, so when better to display a collection of photographs that’s stowed away for everyone to enjoy.  Attach the photographs to twine or rope with clothespins. For a neater look, mount the photos onto pieces of cardstock using photo corners.

Bowled Over

You can never go wrong with a bowl full of things. By unpacking a pretty collection of ornaments, you can transform any bowl into something eye-catching. Take this silver bowl: It’s a lovely receptacle for ornaments. A few striped balls add just a pop of color. The great thing is you can mix and match how you please, whenever you want!

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