How To Transform Your Condo Balcony

When you live in an apartment, you give up a ground-level yard for a concrete floor and metal railings. By transforming your balcony into a pleasant space, you can enjoy a more inviting environment and find yourself spending more time there.

RUNNEN Floor decking, outdoor IKEA Floor decking makes it easy to refresh your terrace or balcony.


That cold, dull concrete floor is not a welcoming sight. By disguising the floors you can change the mood of the space immediately. Place outdoor flooring and create a warmer tone with wood lookalike decks (shown above: Via Ikea.com). They’re made out of plastic so you would not have to worry about any weather damage. Cover the entire floor or just a part of it, it’s up to you. By elevating one section of the floor, defines a separate space.  Add a rug for mixed textures, choose a flat-woven kind for weather resistance.


Chances are that your condo is situated in the midst of a concrete jungle. However by adding some greenery to your balcony, you can enjoy lush greenery. Make sure to buy plants which are suited to the atmosphere of your balcony (ie. the amount of sunlight that hits your balcony, shade etc.). If you have a larger space then create a flower bed, and raise it above the ground, so it showcases the aesthetic of your flowers. For smaller spaces, use containers of different shapes and sizes.


In general try to avoid plastic furniture to avoid a cheap look. If you do go for plastic, go for higher quality cushions and fabrics to jazz them up. Try wicker and wood for a cozier environment. By placing cushions on each piece, it creates an inviting atmosphere. Depending on what you want to use your balcony (a living room or a dining room), choose simple furniture to save space.


For the most part, natural lighting would help a great deal, the balcony being typically the best lit (depending on which direction it faces). However for the evenings and nights you wish to spend, ambient lighting is needed. Drape some fairy lights on the rail, or around a potted plant. You could even install solar lamps, standing them in the flowerbed soil.

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