Mississauga School Registration

Information to bring to register your child for school

You need to provide all of the following information before you can register your child for school. All documents must be original (photocopies are not accepted):

  • proof of child’s age — birth certificate or passport
  • proof of address — a copy of an offer to purchase or formal lease agreement or a bank statement or utility bill with your name and address
  • proof of custody — children must live with their parent(s) unless provided documentation supports an alternate living arrangement
  • proof of immunization — proof that your child has been immunized, according to the recommended immunization schedule in Ontario, to protect against the following:
      • diphtheria
      • mumps
      • polio
      • red measles
      • rubella (German measles)
      • tetanus

    Please call Health Line Peel at 905-799-7700:

    • for information about the immunization schedule in Ontario
    • to verify that your child’s record is up-to-date
    • to obtain the exemption form if your child has not been immunized for medical reasons or because of a conflict of religion or conscience
    • for information about how to have your child immunized if you do not have an Ontario health card and can’t afford a doctor’s fees for immunization

Here is the Registration Form

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