Reasons To Sell My House

Why Should You Sell/Move?

People move houses every 5-7 years on average. Some people live in the same home for decades, yet why do so many home owners move so often? Everyone has a reason to sell and move, the question is “when?”.

Here are 15 most common reasons to sell…

  1. Home is too small for the family, growing family
  2. Upgrade to a bigger, better, upscale home
  3. Current home isn’t the home they wanted
  4. Job Relocation
  5. Personal Relationships both marriage and/or divorce
  6. Neighbourhood Change
  7. Empty Nest, down size
  8. See Family More Often
  9. See Family Less Often
  10. Retirement, move into adult communities
  11. Health Problems, one-story home, condo, extended care living.
  12. Move out before significant maintenance is required
  13. Home Improvement Enthusiast/Fix-and-Flip
  14. Cash-in their built up equity
  15. Lifestyle Change, move to pursue their dreams

What’s your reason to sell?