Pack up unnecessary things and furniture. You want a clutter free house that really shows off the square footage. Ie. If you have two large sofas, storing one of them before a showing is recommended.

Paint the walls a neutral colour.

If your ceiling is not high, paint it white to make the room look bigger. Having curtains large than the windows also “tricks the eye into thinking the room is taller”.

Lighting makes a home look warm and inviting. Simply increasing the “wattage in your lamps and fixtures” can make a huge difference in making your space looking more cozy.

Don’t hang pictures/painting too high. In a sitting area, placing art at eye level is ideal.

Also, make sure your art isn’t too small or too big for the space.

If you want to arrange art in a pattern, trace the pieces on a craft paper and stick the paper to the walls to see what the pattern would look like.



Like in this photo, try accessorizing in threes or in odd numbers. “Instead of lining up a trio of accessories in a row, place them in a triangle instead. When doing this, make sure the largest item is in the back and smallest in the front.Clear out your closets and keep them slightly open during showings. You want potential buyers to see all of the closet and storage space.

Replacing closet doors can be pricy. Sometimes the fastest way to makeover sliding doors is wallpapering them.

When a home is being staged, every room needs a purpose. If it’s an office, make sure it’s only an office. If it’s a bedroom, make sure it’s only a bedroom.


“A master bedroom should appeal to both sexes”. Getting rid of “gender specific furni ture is essential”. Paint the walls a neutral colour and choose a bedding that matches.

If you don’t have the money to buy a bed for the guest room, buy a frame and an air mattress and dress it up in bedding.

“The foot of the bed should be the first thing you see as you walk into a bedroom”.



Keep the counters clean and clear. Only put out a few well-kept pieces and a bowl of fresh fruits and a vase of flowers.

Minimize the amount of items you have in your cupboards. Organize and keep only the ones that match.

“Put out fancy dish and hand soap on a tray”.


Make sure the sink, faucet and appliances are shiny.

Turn on all kitchen lights before a showing.

Have new unused dishtowels.


Sometimes an “oversized arrangement can look too formal. Lining up smaller vessels down the center of the table” can at times look more appealing.

Having too many chairs can make the space look too crowded. Leave out a few chairs so there is more room.

Let as much natural light in as possible


Remove all extra furniture in the room

Setting a new dining set and cutlery is also an option

In a small dining room set a mirror across the dining table, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

Add cloth napkins that coordinate with the place mats.


Organize the furniture in groupings that invite conversation.”

Avoid pushing all furniture against the wall. We create space and make a room look bigger by arranging furniture away from the wall.


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