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Are Mississauga and Toronto safe cities to live in?

This then givens off the impression that crime rates are increasing and that crime rates are now at its’ worse than ever before. In fact, it seems that majority of people, especially the older generation, believe this notion to be true. This is what the media wants. They fear monger so that we worry and… Read more »

10 Reasons why you should hire a buyer agent

Hiring a buyer agent is like having a tour guide at a museum. You are guaranteed to get a lot more out of the experience with a tour guide then without one, because they enhance the experience and make it more valuable. Buyer agents’ make the buying experience more valuable, because they provide “guidance and… Read more »

Mississauga Schools in Review

Schools in Mississauga are very strict in their boundaries regarding who is eligible to attend/register/enlist. Living on one side of the street can mean that you’re in one school district and living on the other side of the street can be another school district. When you’re buying a home in Mississauga, you need to know… Read more »