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November 2017 Market Watch

  The Toronto Real Estate Board has just released their statistics for the month of November. We’ve done a quick video recap below, and a written report below that if you’d like some more in-depth information, as well as some graphed comparisons. You can also see the raw statistics for November on the TREB website… Read more »

October 2017 Market Watch

October was an incredibly interesting month for the GTA’s real estate market. The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) just recently released the housing statistics for last month. For your convenience, we have summarized the most important points here, but if you’d like more information, you can see the full report at the TREB website here. If… Read more »

September 2017 Market Watch

For this month’s episode of Market Watch we will be talking about what the September market looked like. The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) released their market watch report for the last month and we’re going to discuss the numbers. 2017 is almost over, with roughly three months to ago. In contrast to last month… Read more »

Recipes for a Thanksgiving Meal

  With Thanksgiving around the corner, most of us will be spending time with family and friends. These gatherings typically entail copious amounts of food some traditional and some plain old family favourites. In this article we will running you through the recipes of a full meal from appetizer to dessert and everything in between…. Read more »

Fall Home Decor

Color Contrast Using a minimum of two contrasting colours you can create a big impact with your fall display. Use a blue colored vase that complements the color of the leaves you use. This makes the leaves stand out and adds more interest to the room. You can even use colors like purple or green… Read more »

February’s Home Checklist

Prevent ice and snow build up: February is a cold month, and month typically bringing in lots of snow and ice. The first thing to do?  Remove snow quickly. Prevention is better than cure and here’s why: Once snow is stepped on it is compacted which makes it harder for removal, and then could turn to… Read more »


A few weeks ago I held a first time home buyer’s seminar.  A lawyer, a mortgage advisor, an inspector and I talked about some of the important things first time home buyers should have knowledge of prior to purchasing, and I just thought I would share some of that information with you. ADVANTAGES OF BUYING… Read more »




Going green has many positive side effects. It helps keep water and air clean, it reduces the effects of global warming, and it encourages and supports the global sharing of scarce resources. In addition to these benefits, going green reduces your electric and water bills, and it improves your overall health and productivity! Check your… Read more »

How many houses should buyers see before buying?

I get asked this question a lot. “How many homes should I see before buying,” or “what is the appropriate number of houses to see before buying”. To put it simply, there is no right answer to both of these questions, because there’s no way of knowing beforehand how many homes it will take to… Read more »