21 Interview Questions for a Realtor

The general consumer feels like real estate agents aren’t worth the commission that they charge and to their benefit, I don’t blame them. With almost 36,000 registered real estate agents in the GTA with the Toronto Real Estate board, not all of them are really worth what they charge. Like in any other business, there are good agents and there are not so good agents. In fact, 80% of the agents do 20% of the business, and 20% of the agents, do 80% of the business. So we want to find that 20% to work for us because they are doing more business because they are doing something right, right?



When you sold your house, did you interview a few agents to decide on who would represent you the best or could get your home sold the most effective and efficient way? You might even feel like you can do a better job than some agents out there? Again, like in any industry, there are great companies out there and there are some that aren’t so good. Are you shopping on Price, Value, or Service? Do you feel that all agents are the same? Ask the right questions and you’ll soon separate the herd.

If you’re interviewing a few agents, here are 21 questions that you want to ask the real estate agent who’s up for the job.



1.What is my property worth and how do you determine it?

2.How close do you sell your listings to asking price? How many over asking? 97-100% of asking?

3.What commission do you charge. What other fees are involved?

4.How long does it take to sell your listings and how many listings actually sell? Average time on market?

5. What happens if my house doesn’t sell. Or if I decide not to sell?

6. Can you provide me a list of your clients for reference?

7. If there is an offer, how long will you take to notify me?

8. What if I’m not satisfied with your service, can I cancel the listing?

9. How much experience do you have?

10. Is real estate your full time job? It’s important your agent works fully for you.

11. How closely do you follow the market?

12. Do you have a marketing strategy to market my property?

13. What other options do you offer to market my property? Do they think outside the box when marketing my property? Website, blog, etc.

14. What statistics do you have of your marketing that’s different and works? Quantify marketing. Analytics.

15. Will you give me some help to prepare the house for the market?

16. What kind of support staff do you have behind you?

17. Who handles your calls if you’re not available or if you’re away?

18. Will you prequalify buyers before you show my property?

19. How will showings be scheduled for my home?

20. What kind of follow up should I expect? (You should expect agent to give you feedback)

21. Why should I list with you? Aren’t all agents the same? What makes you different?



After these questions, you should get a good idea of what kind of agent is sitting across from you and if they are the right agent for the job.

Find an agent who can get your home sold. Any questions?

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