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Get Loud for SickKids!

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This year, I really wanted to do something positive for the community and give back. So, I’ve started my own team for the Get Loud for SickKids Hospital event! I’ll be marching for SickKids on September 29th at 11 am. But I can’t do it alone! There are two ways you can get involved: You… Read more »

Renovation Do’s and Don’ts

Renovating is one of the most fun parts of being a homeowner, even if it is sometimes stressful. To make the most out of your renovation budget, don’t forget to think about resale value! How many potential buyers will like your renovation? Did you go too overboard? Are you really into the current home decor… Read more »

Market Value vs Asking Price

How do we figure out the listing price of your home, and how do we come up with an offer price for the house we want to buy? What should you know before buying or listing a property? There are more videos just like this one with tips and tricks of the real estate industry… Read more »

More about multiple offer situations! What rules are there? How does this process actually work? How can I ensure I have the best chance to win? Watch this short video to learn more!

Why NOW is a great time to Upsize

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How do you know when the best time is to upsize or downsize? Well, there’s no end-all answer to that question. The answer depends on a lot of factors-  like the neighbourhood, the price point, and the type of home (condo, detached, semi, or townhome). Watch our quick video and decide for yourself:


Hey guys, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about multiple offers lately, so I figured it was time to make a video. Multiple offers are definitely not as common at the moment as we saw in 2017, but they are still happening. How can you make your offer stand out? Well, it all depends…. Read more »

Foreclosures vs. Power of Sale

The difference between Power of Sale and Foreclosure really comes down to real estate laws. In the United States, banks WANT to own houses. They buy them up from people who can no longer pay their mortgage payments, and sell the house for the remaining total of the mortgage. This is often below market value…. Read more »

Deliciously Cute Cupcake Recipes

Valentine’s day is coming up quickly, (February 14th, for those who might have forgotten) which means getting a gift or doing something special for your loved one. I always find that doing something your significant other is always a better option, because their reaction upon seeing what you’ve done is always really heartwarming! This year,… Read more »

3 Tasty Pizzas to Wow your Guests

  Pizza is a favourite of many people for a reason- it’s simple, savoury, and hot! However, we wanted to find pizza recipes with some more depth to them, so they could be used both for a weekday dinner or entertaining guests. All three of these recipes are courtesy of our friends at bhg.com.  … Read more »

December 2017 Market Watch

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The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has just released their numbers for December 2017. Below you’ll find our video recap, and a more in-depth written report on what happened last month. You can also go to TREB’s own website for the raw data HERE.  To compare this information to last month’s report, click HERE. Overall… Read more »