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Should You Rent or Buy?

Typically when thinking of real estate, being a homeowner is what most people are drawn to. But in the current market, potential homebuyers are looking away from that option, and instead bringing in another option: renting. Renting as most people know, is a great approach for temporary situations. It has lower commitment pressure and is… Read more »

Property Tax Reassessment

The value of a home is primarily determined by the sales in a given area. They also look at property information like “land title documents, building permits, on site property inspections,” along with many other factors. The factors that make up a majority of a homes’ value is “the location, the lot dimension, the living… Read more »


Power Of Sale vs Foreclosure

What’s the difference between Power of Sale and Foreclosure? I often get asked about Foreclosure properties (Power of Sales). After 2008 and the housing crash south of the border, many people think that they can get a deal on properties in foreclosure. Although this may be true in the states, this is not necessarily the… Read more »